French skin care often rely on family traditions with French Secrets for Beautiful Skin.

Try once we might, we’ve never been able to thoroughly master the skill of French beauty. Nor are we been able to give a distinct answer when pressed to explain it. We’ve obsessed regarding this for as long as we can remember, but can’t quite quantify just what “it” is – they don’t refer to it as je ne sais quoi for nothing. Not to get all philosophical you, but in order to understand the look, you have to first understand how a French woman views herself.

Skin Care in French

Skin Care in French

The French embrace natural splendor and natural beauty begins with good skin. Skincare is a big part of the French beauty routine. There’s practically a la pharmacie carrying high-end skin care goods on every street corner in Paris.

Avene: Avene may be the namesake brand of a town in southern France, the place to find the Saint Odile spring. Since 1743, the spring continues to be considered a healing source-by both locals along with a growing number of international fans. This skincare collection, launched in 1989, incorporates the thermal spring water into its products. We especially love their hydrating body oil.

Benta Berry: All too often, products targeted to younger skin look not sophisticated, and are loaded with harsh ingredients meant to blast away teenage acne. Not too with Benta Berry. Developed by a French mother on her son, the all-natural line is newly obtainable in the states. The G-1 face moisturizer regulates oil levels (oh those teenage hormones), hydrates, and mattifies simultaneously. And with its sleek black and white packaging, you’ll never mistake it for Oxy.

Caudalie: We’ve always known that wine was great for us. Little did we all know that grapes are bonafide wrinkle-busters. Caudalie loads up their goods with grape-based polyphenols, which tackle wrinkles, wrinkles, and dark spots. Not just that, Caudalie uses every aspect of the grape, from seed to the vine, in their products. Discuss waste not, want not! For chic effectiveness, you can’t beat Premier Cru, their hero anti-aging cream.

Klorane: Although Klorane is renowned for their award-winning dry shampoo, we’re equally smitten using their gentle eye makeup remover, which smells lightly of cornflower. The skincare and haircare line, started by French pharmacist Pierre Fabre in 1966, combines the very best of natural plant extracts with pharmaceutical advancements.

NUXE – Nature and Luxe: What’s more French than the usual name that combines Nature and Luxe? Founder Aliza Jabes channels her desire for plants and aromatherapy into all Nuxe’s formulas. Her first creation, in 1989, was the Huile Prodigieuse, an attractive multi-use dry oil that gives skin and hair a glowy effect.

French Beauty Tips

Seat selection: If you’ve ever thought about why first class is located in front of the cabin of an airplane (no, it’s not only for deplaning speed and convenience) it’s since there is a very subtle, but crucial, improvement in oxygen concentration between the back and front of a moving airplane. The oxygen-rich air in front of the cabin minimizes the dehydrating effect occurring on long flights. And also you thought the hot towels and pod seats were enough justification for any first-class upgrade.

Moisture barrier: Dehydrated skin (that is inevitable after a trans-Atlantic flight) could make your complexion look sallow and emphasize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Use a hydrating face cream which contains vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils to assist seal in moisture and control free radicals. I opted for Fragonard Soines Essentiels, a group made in the south of France that utilizes natural Royal Jelly to replenish and revitalize your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Added bonus: among France’s oldest perfumeries, the subtly scented creams are nearly as luxurious as a plush hotel robe.

French Beauty Tips

French Beauty Tips

Slow motion: The European’s tendency to consider their sweet time could be frustrating (anyone who’s endured the service in a cafe when you’re in a rush knows what I’m referring to). However when it comes to your skin care routine, going for a few extra minutes to massage the skin properly can make a world of difference. Massage improves micro circulation and allows your product or service to penetrate more easily. Begin in the center of the chin and rub upwards and outwards to produce a subtle lifting effect and add warmth for your face.

Lip service: Chapped lips will never be sexy and adding a red lipstick is only going to emphasize the appearance of cracked or rough lips. Make use of a lip scrub (or a damp washcloth) to slough away dried-out skin and leave your lips smooth before you apply a conditioning lip balm. Have a page from Lancome’s beauty playbook and go for a bright red with subtle blue undertones to assist enhance the white appearance of teeth.

To dig just a little further though, we needed to visit straight to the source. We wanted to listen to what makes these fashionable femmes tick (and allows them to look so damn amazing along the way), so we stopped three real girls around the streets of Paris and grilled them regarding their beauty routines, tips, tricks, and also the differences between French and American beauty.