Rose water is used in a number of ways in skin care treatments. The good thing of using rose water for skin is it is suitable for every skin type.

Rose water has been utilized throughout history by women all over the world. Cleopatra used it to keep her skin dewy and supple during her reign as queen of Egypt. It had been used as a means to cool hot angry skin in the summertime heat as well as for its ability to smooth and brighten complexions.

Benefits of Rose Water

Benefits of Rose Water

Rose water’s popularity like a culinary flavoring is used in the centre East and India in lots of dishes to add a subtle rose fragrance that lightens spicy or heavy foods. Rose has additionally been used to flavor desserts like Turkish delight and baklava and may even be added to lemonade.

Benefits of Rose Water for Your Skin

Rose water provides number of benefits to the skin. Regular utilization of rose water not only cleans and purifies your skin but it also protects the skin from bacterial and fungal infections. Rose water is another very good skin toner. It also balances the oil content of your skin and also acts as a coolant for sensitive skin. Various skin ailments could be effectively treated with rose water. Rose water may also heal skin wounds and sunburns.It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to reduce redness, swelling and skin irritation.

  • Toner: Rose water is recognized as best for treating wrinkles on skin also it tightens the loose skin of face. You are able to prepare rose water toner by mixing rose water in witch hazel in five:1 proportion (5 areas of rose water and one a part of witch hazel). Add one spoon of glycerin within this mixture. Store this toner in black colored bottle and use for natural splendor.
  • Skin Cleaners: Mixture of rose water and glycerin can serve as best skin cleaner. Rose oil contains anti-inflammatory properties of rose that’s best for reducing aging effects also it removes fine lines from skin. To obtain benefit of rose water, pour some rose water on cotton swab and use it to clean your face. Stay away from hard towel after cleansing with rose water.
  • Anti-bacterial: Rose water cleans your skin and prevents growth of bacteria that afterwards prevents acne and other skin ailment. Spraying rose water on infected skin sooths itching and burning because of sunburn.

Rose Water Beauty Advice for Skin:

  • Use Rose Water rather than plain water while you ready your face packs; this would assistance to enhance the effectiveness as rosewater is endowed with natural cleansing in addition to moisturizing properties.

    Rose Water Beauty Tips

    Rose Water Beauty Tips

  • Use it on your skin as a cleanser. Because it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it will help to take out dirt and oil from clogged pores and tone down the problem of pimples and acnes.
  • Dab it in your face and use it as a toner. If you’re able to do it everyday, you would notice significant diminishing of open pores. It will help to hydrate your skin, provide a youthful touch and prevent wrinkles.

Rose Water – A Gentle Skin Care Option

Rose water is a by-product of the steam distillation process through which rose oil is from the flower’s petals, primarily for perfume. Like a cosmetic product, it has been used like a gentle astringent and anti-inflammatory for centuries. Even better, it is an excellent gentle choice for anyone with dry, sensitive skin, as recent reports have demonstrated that rose water doesn’t have any drying effect on the skin.

So, can there be anything to the claim that rose water will work for your skin? According to several studies, yes! Recent clinical research conducted in Japan discovered that the extract L. Rose can significantly lessen the damage to skin’s elastin fibers, and associated wrinkling, brought on by UVB rays.