Traveling is exciting, fun, and often times stressful. Stress can lead to dehydration of the skin and body, which can make you feel tired and less than your best.

It is never easy to follow a skin care regime when you are traveling. It becomes really difficult to follow your beauty regime while traveling in the train, bus, flight or car. Looking fresh and glowing while traveling is not an easy task. Even after washing face several times, you tend to look dull. So, if you are traveling, try these beauty tips to look fresh and glowing as always. You have to be well-equipped with beauty products to touch up your look and fight travel-stress easily. Here are the best skin care tips to follow when you are traveling.

Here Are 6 Easy Skin Care Tips When Traveling:

skin care tips for traveling

skin care tips for traveling

Carry Miniature Packs

One of the easiest methods of making sure that you follow a routine is to carry your favourite face washes and creams with you. And with traveling big packs are very difficult. If it is a short trip, then simply stick to a basic face wash and moisturiser so that you can avail of this benefit any time. All that you have to do is keep that pack in your purse or handbag. Then whenever you get time or feel that your face has become dirty, head to the toilet and wash off for a refreshing feel.


The right moisturizer is paramount when you travel. Choose something rich and nourishing if you’ll be flying. Being on an airplane is particularly drying and it can leave your skin parched. If possible, choose a moisturizer that offers sun protection and reapply often. You’re likely to be more exposed to the sun while you’re vacationing.

Get a Handle on Oil

Dealing with oil is a major skin care concern. It becomes a bigger problem when traveling to warmer climates. As this tip proves, skin care doesn’t have to be complicated. Just bring along rice papers or blotting papers. They are light, easy to carry and handily absorb excess oil.

Face Wipes

These wipes are a boon for days when you really don’t have time to even head to the look. Make sure that you pick something that suits your skin type. For example, if you have very oily skin then you should stick to a tea tree oil or aloe vera or even lime based wipe. This will get rid of all the dirt along with balancing oil secretion. If you have very dry skin then opt for moisturising wipes that contain rose or even avocado and other ingredients for a nourishing finish.

Get Beauty Sleep

Get Beauty Sleep

Get Beauty Sleep

Watching television or working on laptop while traveling can lead to red and teary eyes. So, prevent puffy red eyes by grabbing some beauty sleep. In this hectic life, we seldom get time to get some nice slumber! Make use of the free traveling time.

Get Plenty of Rest and Water

Good sleep and adequate hydration are vital parts of your skin care routine. It’s tempting to stay up late while vacationing and forego the water, but make a point of hanging on to these components of your skin care regimen.