Korean-style eye makeup gives you handsome, youthful and glowing look. Get a beautiful and gorgeous face looking with mentioned natural makeup tips for attractive eyes.

Hey Girls! Today we are sharing with you an easy tutorial of Korean style eye makeup to follow for that is a bit edgy but basic enough to wear on an ordinary day. Friends ! These days, Korean makeup has become popular to major parts of the world. They have the best way to take care of themselves, which is why women can look astonishing. In such way korean style eye makeup is so famous around the world.

Korean-style eye makeup gives you smart, youthful and fresh looking. Instead of winging the liner up as you would for the feline version, draw it down from the top lid and over from the bottom, creating a little triangle at the lower outside corner of your eye. It makes you look a little sad, but in a cute way, kind of like a Precious Moments doll. Check out following korean beauty tips or korean makeup tips for eyes and korean beauty tips

Korean Natural Eye Makeup Tips to create an glowing eyes look

Korean Style Natural Eye Makeup

Korean Eye Makeup

Subtle Eye Make-up

  • Eyes are kept minimal with warm hues over the lid, lined by a black eye-liner.
  • Loads of mascara for the lashes
  • Eyebrows are kept tidy with brow gel

Combine soft Colours

Korean make up usually characterized natural and fresh, bright colors and youthful top choice. Can combine these two sweet color with eyeshadow. Another must remember, ya, they usually give eyeshadow under the eyes. The colors make the eyes look fresh generally white or light green.

Scotch eye

Usually people who do not have a lot of asian eye crease, although generally the Koreans choose plastic surgery to make the eye crease, and nothing we have operational role model. Simply use scotch that form as solatip to make folds in our eyes.

Play with eyeliner

The major strength of each Korean-style eye makeup depends on eyeliner, lho. Flagship style is eye paint . With eyeliner on the outer ends of a thick bees to swoop down quite to the top. and also a little thicker at the outer bottom edge. There are also other styles that actually straight and follow the line of points connected by a line below the bottom eye. Eyeliner liquid more easily applied to this Korean style eye makeup.

Intense Lashes

We can add false eyelashes a layer that is not too thick, so that more prominent eye makeup. For day-to-day, was enough mascara. Try to make your eyelashes look long and not agglomerate.

Cheeks and lips

To complement and support the more eye makeup looks, the Korean people choose menabuhkan blush on her cheeks pink at the bone. Color nude or pastels also be the color of choice l ipsticknya.


Make eyebrows look more attractive by adding a little eyeshadow brown or brown eyebrow pinsil thinly. Do not get too thick, yes, he will look like a clown again.

Hence friends! Get a beautiful and gorgeous face looking follow aforementioned natural makeup tips for attractive eyes.

Now Enjoy the Korean Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial! 😀