Try some of the best Korean star's beauty secrets for a flawless skin and discover a new beauty philosophy that could be the key to healthy and beautiful skin.

Countless Asian celebs are famous for their apparently flawless skin.Korean celebrities are well known for their smooth, clear and youthful features. Ever wondered how Korean movie stars and celebrities have radiant, porcelain-like skin? The secret lies in the advanced beauty technologies available in the country. Even when you walk out in Korea, you’ll see celebs, stars and other people with great skin. Many Koreans invest hundreds to thousands of dollars a month for skin care and beauty products. However, you don’t need to spend lots of money to have beautiful skin but you should be well equipped and dedicated.

korean beauty tips for Skin whitening

Skin whitening tips

In Korea, it’s you who must work to get the look, not the product. The Korean phrase for applying base makeup literally translates to “expressing the skin,” the diction revealing the care with which this act is carried out. Because you are your own makeup artist, the products are mere players in your hands, fluid in purpose and method. If your skin type is different from forehead to cheek, for example, you may use two different foundations or a mist to change the texture of the product when it’s applied to different parts. A Korean woman doesn’t wait for some miraculous, chameleon foundation but instead concocts a base/touch-up combination and application that caters to her specific needs. This sense of artistry and creativity in consumers is what led to inventions of BB creams and cushion compacts, multitasking products with components that are carefully calibrated to cancel out each other’s faults, mirroring what the consumers have been doing for years.
Even if you don’t have Korean products, you can customize your own skin expression according to these methods while using your own cosmetics. Koreans believe all women are beautiful when they spend time on themselves, so remember to slow down and make deliberate, slow movements. When it comes to their skin, Koreans strive for perfection — and perfection takes time.

Focus on Healthy Eating

  • Avoid salty and spicy food to maintain clear skin.
  • Drink grapefruit tea to suppress appetite and keep regular.
  • Stay away from chocolate, Coke, black tea, and junk food. Eat plenty of fruits, veggies, and occasionally, eggs.
  • Consume apple and yogurt daily.
  • Drink beauty juice, consisting of bananas, almonds, blueberries, walnuts, and milk. Fresh fruit juice includes enzymes that are good for your intestinal health and helps boost your metabolism. Almonds and walnuts include good oils that are beneficial for the skin.

Stay out of the sun

Nicole Kidman is famously afraid of the sun. She stays out of it at all costs. In fact, many celebrities simply avoid that sun by wearing hats and slathering on sunscreen. They know the sun is the No. 1 cause of prematurely aging skin. You and I can avoid the sun by not only wearing hats, but getting in the habit of wearing sunscreen every day, no matter the weather. (I’m also a big fan of teaching sons and daughters about sunscreen very early in life).

The Right Way To Cleanse Your Face

When you are washing your face, it’s important that you use warm water. Use a cleanser and create a foam the size of an egg. The purpose of using warm water is to help open up the pores so that the cleanser will be able to thoroughly cleanse any deep seated dirt that may be trapped inside the pores. Start from behind the ears and then move towards the jawline. After this step, gradually make your way towards the center of your face.

Use Your Fingers When You Are Using Toners

Toners are great products to use to help keep your skin in tip top shape. To avoid your skin from getting red, use your fingers to apply this product on your face. Depending on the kind of ingredients used, the consistency of toners can range from thick liquids to watery ones. Adjust the amount depending on how thick the product is. Using your fingers instead of a cotton pad not only prevents your skin from redness, it also uses a little amount of product.

Put Your Masks On

For a dose of luxury, try to use a two step facial mask routine. First put on a cleansing mask to rid your face from all the dirt and grime. After letting it stay on the skin for 15 minutes, take the mask off and let your skin absorb any extra liquid that may have been left behind by giving your face a good massage. After that, use a nourishing mask in order to give your skin more nutrients to keep it moist, smooth and supple! Use this method at least once a week.

Other Makeup tips

  • Young Korean men use makeup and curl their lashes! And yes, they are straight men. Experts noticed in Seoul that most Korean beauty brands featured male celebrities in their campaigns and billboards. It was rare to see a woman in beauty ads. Marge explained that when it comes to beauty and skincare brands, male celebrities are more influential than the women!
  • Marge also shared that Koreans have a unique but very effective way of curling their lashes. They heat up a special wooden stick (like a barbeque stick) and use it to give the most long-lasting curls on their lashes. But please don’t attempt to do this on your own at home! Let’s just wait for The Face Shop to bring in this unique makeup tool to Manila.
  • Here’s a big Korean wedding trend — hair and makeup should look like you just did it on your own. Makeup is not polished and perfect while the hair is loose and strands need not be in place. Oddly, Korean brides still hire professional makeup artists to achieve this look.
  • Koreanas never use blush in just pink or peach. They always blend and mix these two colors to achieve the perfect flush to their cheeks.
  • Lastly, Koreans change their skincare routine all the time. Even if a skincare line wonderfully works for them, they never stick to one variant or line for the rest of their lives. In the same way that we change our shampoo to avoid product buildup, Koreans change their skincare products at least every six months. It’s no wonder there’s always something new in skincare every time I visit The Face Shop.