Get popular trend korean makeup guide to get mesmerizing eyes. A little shimmer and a thin eyeliner will make your eyes pop beautifully.

With regards to makeup, it is important to get great ideas coming from the Koreans. Korean make up is a trend that gets increasingly popular. With the rising popularity of Korean pop music, this type of make up is not only well known among Asians, it’s also starting to capture the hearts of everyone from around the world. These days, Korean makeup has become popular to major parts of the world. They have the best way to take care of themselves, which is why women can look astonishing.

korean beauty tips for makeup

Dramatic eye makeup

Eyes are the second important feature when it comes to Korean makeup trends. Eyes that are big are considered cute and beautiful. You will get big beauty secrets and tips for eye makeup to get mesmerizing eyes in korean world of beauty.When it comes to make up, Korean looks are more inclined on natural looking make up that accentuates your natural skin texture. As for more dramatic looks, the focus is more on the eyes. A heavy winged eyeliner and false eyelashes are usually the method of choice. Since there are a lot of Asians that have monolids, the make up is more focused on getting them to look wider and more open. You would be amazed at how make up can make your eyes appear huge. A thick, dark winged eyeliner and dramatic false eyelashes always do the trick. However, most korean just love to embrace their eyes and just leave them bare. A little shimmer, a thin eyeliner and a coat of mascara will make your eyes pop beautifully.

For a dramatic look; Korean makeup focuses on winged eye liner that is dark and thick. Slight variations of winged eyeliner can also be noticed. Thick pair of false eyelashes such as “Stella false eyelashes” set the stage when more drama is required. When on the other hand; there is a need to stay light and natural- you should get natural handmade lashes as per the part of your daily Korean makeup routine. A little shimmer, some peachy-pink eye shadows at the corner of eyes with mascara coats do the trick to pop your eyes out!

Super General Guidelines for creating dramatic look with korean eye makeup:

  • Step 1: Apply light eyeshadow across the eyelid
  • Step 2: Use a medium to dark eyeshadow shade on the contour area instead of the crease and blend in towards the inner corner of the eye, stopping at no more than 1/3 from the outer lid. (Caucasians will tell you to place it on the crease, but I already mentioned in my post on crease and contour difference between Asian eyes and Caucasians eyes that, for Asians, the crease and contour area are not the same. You can read my post on ‘Where to apply contour shade on the Asian eye’!)
  • Step 3: Sweep a lighter shadow on the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye
  • Step 4: Apply eyeliner on the lashline and waterline
  • Step 5: Apply mascara on top and bottom lashes

Beauty tips for Dramatic eye makeup


Eye liner plays most important part in makeup to get dramatic look. It is a must for many korean women, but it requires the right products, and a very good technique. Your best advice to our readers on how to apply eyeliner?
Eyeline! It’s really really important and I do believe it definitely worth pointing it out. There are so many eye shapes so I cannot say that “this is the correct one” for everybody as Asian eyes have a special shape isn’t it ? but I can share my technique. Eyeliner helps us to get bigger eyes but also it

korean beauty secrets for makeup

Smokey eye makeup

gives us panda eyes so easily. Nary an eye goes unlined in Korea, so our liner formulas need to pass the test of both the dreaded monsoon season and sub-zero Seoul winters. Clio Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Black is one of the most popular liquid liners in the city. It’s the deepest, darkest, blackest black I’ve ever used—hence the lurid name—and its tapered felt tip allows you to easily produce razor-thin lines or thick, Dita-Von-Teese-ian flicks.

The Eyebrow Pencil

Korean women don’t leave the house without defining their brows—always thick, straight-across lines completely lacking arches. I prefer the sheer brown color and angled application of Design My Eyebrow Pencil from The Faceshop, that twists up so you never have to sharpen it. Equally important is its sturdy spoolie on the opposite end, to brush away any obvious pencil lines. The goal here is to soften the arch of your brows to get a youthful look that screams, “I am a prepubescent girl that has never used tweezers!”

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Blue Eyes

Blend it well and give it some time to get absorbed in the skin. Meanwhile, we will groom the eyebrows with light brown shade. Blend it well. Now take nice pink peach shade which has some shimmer in it and apply over the crease and blend well but not too much. For lovely and eye-capturing eye makeup tutorial, now take moonlight blue shimmer shade and apply over the lid and blend all over the lid. Let it go beyond the crease too. You need to take pure blue shade with flat brush and apply right over the lid. Use tabbing and tab the rich blue shade all over the lid. Now take purple eye pencil and line your lower lash line with that, but keep it thin, neat and clean. Then take pure golden highlighter with blending brush and blow it off. We need very small shade and blend it over the brow bone.