Enjoy the sunny weather during summer vacations following some basic tips to combating sun damage to keep your skin healthy and glowful.

Going on summer holiday trip is excellent fun and skin care is another part of spending healthy holidays. people love holidaying on beach, but they have no idea how to keep their skin glowing. The sun has gone out and beach weather is here – it’s time to head outdoors and bask in certain vitamin D. But before you hit the beach, keep in mind that your chance of sun damage increases with each day you spend outside.To learn how to prevent and reduce the long term effects of exposure to the sun (and any short-term discomfort), we spoke to Stephanie Daga, the founder and senior skin specialist at Fresh. So here are few great beauty tips by experts you can follow this summer to help you feel your very best before your big getaway-

Basic Tips for Glowing Skin Care in Summer Holidays

woman with suntan lotion on tropical beach

Summer skin care

Do you want a glowing and healthy skin during summer holiday trip? Follow some basic tips on how to make your skin feel pampered:

  1. It is the first thing to do for healthy and glowing skin. Get some exercise regularly and consume a balanced diet.
  2. Wear floppy hats to help keep your face covered from the harsh rays from the sun.
  3. Sunglasses are a must; the bigger the better for protection!
  4. One should also carry a water bottle to help keep thirst away.
  5. You should stick to a cleaning, toning and moisturising routine two times a day – once in the morning and after that in the evening at about 6 or 7p.m.
  6. In summers the skin needs extra hydration, so before stepping out in to the sun it really is good to spray it with some cool rose water, which works as a natural hydration booster.
  7. Have a fresh leaf of Natural Aloe Vera and cut its fleshy part to ooze the gel, this mixed with lavender oil does apply on the exposed parts to avoid sun damage. It it most sensible thing for glowing skin care in summer vacations.
  8. One should wear loose comfortable cotton clothing during summers.
  9. Before going out to the beach one should use a good sunscreen with a high SPF – Ranbaxy Shades with SPF 50 is suggested.
  10. A suntan cream for individuals who wish to tan (with defense against UV rays), can also be carried within your beach bag.
  11. Lacto Calamine should be kept handy in the event of sunburn.
  12. After coming from the beach one should apply some after-sun care cream or lacto calamine for soothing your skin.
  13. Curd combined with lacto calamine is recommended for pigmentation.
  14. Cucumber juice put on the face and eyes features a great cooling and hydrating effect in summers.
  15. To obtain healthy and glowing skin in summer vacation drink lots of water, coconut water, lassi and fresh lime water with salt.
  16. Potato juice squeezed out of grated potato is great to lighten skin colour after an unwanted tan.
  17. The juice of watermelon is also useful on the skin. Apply the juice on the neck and face for fifteen minutes. Wash off and splash cold water on the skin for ultimate cooling and tightening effect.

Essential Glowing Skin Care Tips for Summer Holidays

Use an SPF Sun Screen

Our final key tip, we realize, is very much stating the most obvious fellas. But, finding a sun cream using the correct degree of SPF is important before you even consider digging your passport.

Dietary supplements

beautiful kin care tips for summer

Summer skin care

Dietary supplements are so healthy for glowing skin care in summer vacations. Some supplements containing selenium and vitamin A, C and E give your skin the nutrients it requires during summer and assist in preventing it from drying out. Be mindful, though, these capsules are totally inefficient when it comes to defense against sunlight and don’t negate the need to use sunscreen once under the sun.

Sun protection

Make use of a sunblock daily. Always incorporate your neck, décolleté and backs of hands and reapply frequently. Wear a hat and huge lensed sunglasses.


Care about antioxidants to obtain healthy glowing skin. We become more sensitive as we grow older to external stresses, due to free radicals created by environmental pollution, car exhaust fumes, UVA and UVB and tobacco smoke. Invest in a scientifically proven home care regime to protect the skin with vital nutrients providing good antioxidant protection enriched with vitamins C and E.

Soothe a burn

Even the most sun-smart among us can end up getting excessive sun. For those who have a sunburn, the first thing to do is to apply a cold compress to help alleviate any discomfort. You may use a cool compress or soothing balm –  anything to make you feel more comfortable and also to soothe the soreness and redness. A cold compress will help lower swelling as well as relieve the itchiness that many sunburns cause. Cooling products, such as all-natural aloe gel, can also help soothe your skin and take away a few of the initial sting.

Repair sun damage

When it comes to sun damage, vitamin A is the most valuable skin care nutrients applied to your skin. Vitamin A helps you to smooth sun-damage, giving less wrinkled skin and also helps you to even out skin tone.

Not use more, But a good facial scrub

It is required to remove oil, dirt, impurities and dead cells to improve texture and restore natural glow. Do it during the night only.

Summer scent

Never apply fragrance to the skin in the day. Oil of Bergamot, often used being a fixative, may cause photo sensitivity and pigmentary problems. Only apply at night.