Explore the various beauty secrets of Hawaii Island that nobody can afford to avoid.

It’s no secret that both vacationers and residents of Hawaii seem to radiate a special glow. Their skin is clear and bright, and their hair shines in the sun. What’s the trick to achieving island beauty secrets? Getting back to basics with all-natural tropical ingredients. Here’s a guide to key Hawaiian ingredients that have been used on the islands for centuries. Tropical scents, coconut textures, luscious fruits, bright flowers and exotic fragrances embody the essence of Hawaii. Hawaiian plants, foods, flowers, oils and enzymes can help you to naturally maintain and enhance your inner and outer beauty secrets.


The noni tree is in the coffee family, and its juice and pulp is touted for multiple health and medicinal benefits. It can stimulate the immune system with its antibacterial, antiseptic, astringent and analgesic properties. It also helps acne and combats dry, itchy scalps. Noni is beneficial for skin and hair apply directly to these areas.

Hawaiian natural beauty

Hawaiian natural beauty

Coconut Oil

The hip new trend is to incorporate coconut oil into your cooking to boost levels of healthy fatty acids and vitamins. Coconut oil has been valued for providing a naturally moisturizing and soothing treatment for skin and hair. Soaps with coconut oil and can be neutral in smell or bursting with coconut fragrance. Reducing stress levels has also been proven to improve health and beauty.


Awapuhi, or Hawaiian ginger, is a very fragrant flower that originated in India, but is now found in many tropical countries and climates. It’s most popularly used for shampoo and conditioner formulas. The clear slimy juice present in the mature flower heads is excellent for softening and bringing shininess to the hair. It can be left in the hair or rinsed out. The juice is also excellent for massages. Awapuhi’s softening properties have also been used in skin care, and is believed to lighten dark spots.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is used on the skin as well as internally as an herbal remedy. It soothes sunburns naturally and is included in many creams, lotions, cleansers, body washes and lip balms. The gel from the leaf can be used directly on cuts and stings to disinfect and heal. It can also help relieve acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Kona Coffee

The beauty Secrets benefits of coffee are not new to most of us natural beauty fans. However, Kona Coffee is unique in that it’s the only coffee grown in the United States with the rich volcanic soil on the Big Island. The caffiene in Kona coffee improves skin texture, neutralize free radicals and removes puffiness and swelling, and its antioxidant rich qualities protects skin against the environment.


Hawaiians use sugarcane in face and body scrubs for natural exfoliation. It has ideal scrub consistency along with the ability to rejuvenate skin, restoring a natural glow. Sugarcane products are also great for softening the lips.

Volcanic Ash

Volcanic ash in facial and body masks is known as sodium bentonite clay, a mineral-rich treatment that removes impurities, toxins and excess oils. Volcanic ash clay makes an excellent mud detoxifying treatment for skin as it exfoliates, refines texture and minimizes pores. Sulfur in volcanic ash also gives it anti-bacterial qualities.