If you are black skin African- american women and want and to look fair and handsome, follow some essential beauty tips for skin care that help you to give beautiful appearance.

African American women are usually characterized by black skin complexion. so they need to best beauty care. Becoming a master at camouflaging the features that make you self-conscious and learning to highlight the luscious lips, tight ringlets and rich skin tone that most African American women have will accentuate your natural, ethnic beauty and bring about a more self-assured woman. African American women usually have sensitive, oily skin that scars easily, so products powdery based can look chalky and ashy on darker complexions, while pink pigmented products are unflattering to ethnic skin tones. Skincare basics include a good understanding of the role of Melanin in your skin.

African-american Beauty Tips

African-american Beauty Tips

Skin Care Regimen

One of the greatest health and beauty tips for black women over 40 is to follow a good skin care regimen. Although having darker skin has many benefits, dark skin is often very sensitive and can react negatively to many products causing skin discolorations and hyper pigmentation.

Beauty Tips For Facial Skin

It goes for everyone and everything: you don’t want to pick any product from any store without knowing its effects on your skin. Another thing you often hear or read when browsing through makeup products and tips is “natural beauty”. Natural does not mean that you don’t have to wear any makeup at all, just like a natural cream doesn’t mean that you will open the bottle and find a concoction of mixed fruits and vegetables in it.

Skin care Products

Today, more companies are producing cosmetics for ethnic skin and hair, including natural and mineral lines that cause less harm to your very special beauty, including bleaching creams, oil reduction products and sunscreens, disregard of color, African American women should all wear sun protection. Never apply oil based products trying to make your makeup last longer, because dark skin has a tendency to reject all makeup. Melanin pigment protectors start getting tired with age, shown on the skin as irregular pigmentation, dark patches, age spots and lines.

Make-up Tips

One of the main beauty-related benefits to having dark skin is the ability to wear bold makeup. As a woman of color, you don’t need to be cautious of wearing bright and bold makeup because your skin tone is strong enough to carry the look. Take full advantage of this by applying a deep pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks and sweeping the color upwards into your hairline. Next, apply a deep red wine color to your lips and apply a bright red lip gloss just in the center. Complete your look by sweeping a caramel shadow over the lid, placing a taupe color over the brow bone as a highlight and applying two coats of your favorite mascara.

Essential Beauty Tips for Skin Care

Skin care Tips for African American Women


According to your skin type, choose moisturizer. Oily skin requires shine control formula. While you are buying this product, be careful that it contains SPF 15 at least. To enjoy a perfect skin, black women should nourish their skin with moisturizer effects.


Toner is essential for any skin. If you are an African American woman, you must use this cosmetic. It supports you closing the pores and prevents the skin from impurities. Some affordable astringents include, honey or lime juice, rose water, witch hazel and more.


While you are selecting foundation for your African American skin tone, consider certain factors: If you have too much dark skin choose a foundation with a bluish undertone.For medium brown skin choose a reddish-yellow tone foundation.

Skin Care : African-American Beauty Tips