Skin need more care if you are visiting exotic places because at those places your skin face new and harsh challenges. So, Here are few skin care tips that you should follow while you are on your summer trip.

It is common to get dressed and do makeup before going to a party or before joining an informal gathering of friends but when you’re going on holidays, there needs some special emphasis on your beauty and makeup. The truth is that not many people realize how important it is to look beautiful and presentable on holidays.

Travel always exposes your skin to various harmful circumstances like sun, dust, saltwater and humidity at beach travel destinations and dehydration, and dry winds at hill stations. You can’t escape these harsh condition while traveling to exotic destination but you can minimize the effects of these elements by upgrading your skincare regimen while you are travelling. Even short term exposure of these exotic climate conditions can cause long lasting damage to your skin. So here are some great beauty tips you can follow this summer to make you feel your best before your big getaway.

Summer Holiday Beauty tips

Summer Holiday Beauty tips

Hair & Nails Care

You want to look and feel your best during the holidays and it starts with your hair. Sometimes, no matter what you do with it, it just won’t look right. Get over to the salon and get it cut, colored and styled right away! While you’re there, get gel lacquers done. They’re going to last anywhere from two to three weeks with no chipping. Choose a festive color like red, green, gold or silver and some cute holiday nail art too!

Moisturize With Makeup

If your skin is dry, your makeup can flake and look obvious. Instead of using powder, mix liquid foundation with facial moisturizer in a one-to-one ratio and carefully press the mixture onto your face with a cosmetic sponge. The moisturizer hydrates your skin while thinning out the foundation, providing sufficient coverage without a flaky finish.

Cleanse Your Skin Daily

During holidays we spend a lot of time outside visiting various places and locations. We also expose our skin to pollution and other harmful element during outing. It is very essential to clean our skin to avoid black spots, break out and other skin ailments. Cleansing of skin became more essential during vacations because during this period get in touch of may unwanted stuff ranging from dust, bacteria. This is basis of all skin care regimen and its importance increase manifold while you are venturing some exotic locations. Exotic locations cause new challenges for your skin and to cope with these challenges skin cleansing is the best thing you can do to protect your skin.

Get Some Sleep

Visiting relatives, parties that go on until the wee hours and endless shopping will wear you out. If you’re not getting enough sleep, it’s going to show on your face. Dark circles under your eyes will make you look older and no girl wants that. When you’re well rested, you look and feel your best which will make for a very happy holiday season.

Sun Protection

Whether you are at beach or high altitude mountainous location, don’t forget to apply a quality sunscreen on your face, arms and feet. Sun exposure can be harmful whatever the locations. Apply sunscreen 20 minute before you step out for sightseeing. Sun is the most worrisome factor for summer vacations. Over exposure of sun can cause tanning, wrinkles and sunburn on your skin. Sunscreen is a good solution for all sun related skin problems.

Take care your Feet on summer holiday

Take care your Feet on summer holiday

Use Gentle Face Scrub and Serum

During vacations exfoliation of skin should have to be your top most priority. Serum that contain lactic, glycolic or salicylic acid can be really good for your skin. Facial scrub should have to be part of daily beauty regimen. Facial scrub exfoliates your skin and remove dust from the clogged pores of your skin. During holiday we tend to spend more time out of house that cause our skin pore clogged with dust and bacteria, proper exfoliation of your skin protect your skin from acne.

Take Care your Feet

Sight seeing and walking along a beach bare footed can cause damage to your pedicure. Exfoliate and moisturize your feet daily while you are on visit. Every time you get the time you should cleanse and take care of your feet. Feet is a part of your body that bear the harsh treatment while visit a certain location. A nice cream for massaging your feet should do the job for you. While on vacation your feet demand some special treatment from your side.