Ever wanted to reach your destination after a long flight looking so fresh? Yes, it's possible. Here are six skincare tips for long-distance flights.

Air travel for long hours can damage your skin and hair. The dry and compressed air present in the plane can take away all moisture from your skin and hair, making them dry and lifeless. You also get puffy eyes and pale skin. Sitting for longer periods that too in higher altitude can decrease your blood circulation which cause pale skin and swelling under eyes.

Skincare Tips for Long Flights

Skincare Tips for Long Flights

If you are wearing makeup while in plane that too can damage your skin in the same way as sleeping with makeup on. Remove your makeup once you board the flight and then you can apply it once it lands. Don’t forget to carry your makeup wipes with you. Here, in this article, we will be telling you how to take care of your skin while traveling in a plane and share with you some simple tips for air travel.

Skincare Tips During Air Travel


You should actually start your travel skincare routine the night before your long flight. Make sure you exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub, to make sure you get rid of dead skin and feel fresh.

Use Sunscreen

You are more closer to sun when at a higher altitude in a plane. Therefore, never forget to use a sunscreen before boarding your flight. You can apply it three hours before travel. Just a one minute exposure of skin to harmful radiations can damage and cause wrinkles.

Moisturise Well

Like the hair, your skin can also get dry and flaky in plane as the air in higher altitude is dry and oxygen content is less. The natural moisture present in your skin will be lost to the air, thus becomes dry. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and use a good moisturiser on your skin.

Fight Puffy Eyes

In order to avoid puffy eyes while you’re up in the air, here’s a skincare tip for long flights. Start by asking the flight attendant for ice cubes, and use a napkin to apply beneath your eyes for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, use your eye cream to hydrate and moisture.

Drink More Water

Drink More Water

Use A Mild Facial Scrub

When arriving at your destination (airport, hotel or home), cleanse your skin and use a mild facial scrub like our Exfoliating Cleanser to remove surface dry skin cells that accumulated while flying. Be sure to avoid facial scrubs containing natural grains such as apricot kernels, walnut husks and almonds as the sharp edges can scratch and irritate the skin. Instead, use scrubs containing polyethylene, jojoba beads or micro-beadlets.

Drink More Water

Last but not least, the most important skincare tip for long flights is to drink loads of water. A good amount of water will keep you hydrated, as staying for long hours in an enclosed space tends to dehydrate your skin. Try to skip coffee and soda drinks, as they tend to dehydrate your body.