Proper body and skin care is very important for women of different skin tone and color. Here are some beauty tips for black skins that can make them comparatively more glamorous than those with light skin.

Beautiful skin often begins inside and radiates outward. A healthy diet is important which means eating good food. Fruits and vegetables should be a larger part of your daily diet. For a majority of African-American girls, smooth and well-maintained skin is obtainable by considering and adopting a few important tips.

Daily cleansing, moisturizing, and toning the skin at regular intervals are very important to make the skin look fresh. If good skin care is not taken, it can make your skin look dull and dried out.

Skin Care Tips for Black Women

Skin Care Tips for Black Women

Black skin needs protection from the damaging rays of the sun. Make sure to use sunscreen daily year round, to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. Wearing wide brimmed hats while going outside will shade the face from the sun. Black skin is more prone to developing keloids as a result. Keloids are scar tissue caused by trauma or surgical incisions. It is important to treat the acne gently. Washing too vigorously and handling roughly will only make the problem worse. You have to find a cleanser and moisturizer made specifically for your skin’s needs.

Skin Protection

Even though African-American skin has a natural sun protection factor (SPF) 13, considering a bit of additional protection will surely reduce the amount of damage caused by harmful ultraviolet radiations. Setting a protective barrier between your skin and the radiation keeps the skin smooth and in good condition. African-American women can generally be under the sun for a bit longer as compared to people with other skin types because darker skin tones do not burn as easily as lighter skin tones tend to. But applying a sunscreen to all exposed skin throughout the year is still a must.


For a complexion glowing it is necessary to cleanse your face twice a day regularly. The best time for doing this is in the morning and just before bedtime in the evening. Choose a facial cleanser that is compatible with your skin type. Never use hot water while cleaning your face because it dries out skin.

Moisturize Daily

Add extra moisture to your skin as much as possible. With a darker skin tone, your skin may appear dry and ashy without the proper maintenance. The best time to use a moisturizer is immediately after a shower. Your skin is more capable of absorbing the moisture in a larger quantity. Browse through various drugstores to find an affordable moisturizer to use on a daily basis.

Use a different moisturizer for your face. Most body moisturizing products are too heavy to use on the facial area. If you have a facial sensitivity, the product may not absorb as well into your face. Many facial moisturizers have special nutrients to relieve problem areas without adding extra oils, perfumes and other unwanted ingredients.


A black skin care regimen should include a skin toner. Skin toners offer many benefits to the skin including: restoring the natural pH balance of the skin, reducing skin oil secretions, sloughing away dead skin cells, clearing away impurities and encouraging blood circulation. Skin toners give the skin a brighter, livelier appearance and should be applied to the face and neck following the cleansing process. Avoid skin toners containing harmful ingredients such as isopropyl alcohol, ethanol and alcohol. For best results, choose a skin toner especially designed for dark skin.

Skin toners offer many benefits

Skin toners offer many benefits


For keeping your skin in proper condition, it is necessary to make a daily skin care routine to pamper, and preclude damage to your skin. Do away with the everyday buildup which comes from oil and other cosmetic products. Generally, a non-abrasive cleanser containing salicylic acid would serve this purpose really well. Harsher cleansers would just lead to unneeded breakouts and inflammation throughout the cleaning procedure. Apply a quality skin care product to your fingertips and softly massage it onto your face in a circular manner. This can also be applied to other body parts such as hands and legs.

Skin Conditions

Black skin is very sensitive during summer months so there are chances of getting sunburned. It is an ethical need to take care of the skin all year long. If you notice any changes in your skin, like discoloring, spots and lumps. It is better you contact a dermatologist.